Holistic, and Regenerative Health, and Life Coaching

Holistic, and Regenerative Health, 

and Life Coaching


with Jenny Griffith

What's Included?

  • 90-Minute Ayurvedic and Herbal Holistic Health Consultation with Protocol

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  • Bi-Weekly 60-minute calls

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  • Voxer Support Mon-Friday

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  • 28-Day Evolve Cleanse​

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  • Digital Product Bonuses

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  • Weekly Integration Work With Monthly Plants​

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Who 1:1 Coaching is For?

  • Conscious and motivated individuals who are ready to take their health and life to the next level. 

  • Souls who are ready to step into radical self-reliance when it comes to how they maintain their life through preventative and ethical practice

  • Individuals who have a deep desire to heal their body and mind so they can go out and serve in the world. 

  • Earth lovers who are dealing with health or life issues and they know accountability would help them turn the corner. ​

Investment Options

Full Pay


One Time payment



For 6 Monthly Payments

Client Testimonials

I have taken Jenny's program 5 times over the past 2 years, and I love the results that I get- that is why I have been a returning customer!  I am a personal trainer and I have also recommended Jenny to my clients who are looking to make meaningful, lasting changes to their bodies and their minds.  The most substantial result that I get from the process is the sense of calm and peace I receive from Jenny’s program. My food is now tasty and provides adequate energy to get me through my busy days, but it is the meditative aspect of the cleanse that has the longest lasting effects for me.  My clients have gotten great results as well!  I cannot recommend this process highly enough.  If you are truly ready to see physical changes in your body and repair your emotional relationship with food, this program is for you.

Vera Ross


The last 6 months have transformed me. When I first found Jenny, my biggest concern was digestive issues. I was seeking a holistic method to feel better in my body. 6 months later, my whole life has been changed (not to mention my digestive system is in tip top shape). I learned the art of meditation and I have seen how a daily practice seeps into every aspect of your life. I have forged a deep connection with my body, understanding what she needs to feel her best. I now have hundreds of recipes that nourish and heal, that make me feel better literally from the inside out. I have learned how to consciously up my financial game. I have learned that a daily ritual, every aspect of my life is more in tune, more grounded, more available for magic. Jenny guided me through some super lows and taught me to see the good in every part of my being. I know this work has only just begun, I have years ahead of me to continue expanding my knowledge of Ayurveda and meditation, but I will forever be grateful that I chose to take the leap and have a guide like Jenny. If you are called to finding more harmony in your life, this course will take you there and further.

Dessa Lennox

Finding Jenny and saying Yes! Her program was a divinely guided pivot point in my life. She met me where I was and took me way further than I thought I could go. Jenny helped me take an idea I had one sleepless night and grow it into my first-ever thriving business! I’ve started sewing and creating again after a long block and I am the healthiest I’ve been since before having kids. I’m heading into the coming year feeling more aligned, confident and energized more than ever.

Thanks Jenny!

Jill Martin

Despite the challenges- personal, physical, global and beyond- having someone like Jenny to turn to, laugh with, share my fears and capture my abilities was beyond influential. It truly changed the course of my path. 


It’s a steady climb. It’s not a race. It took time, but with Jenny’s help, I see that if I don’t stop to evaluate, meditate or take stock in the values I put forward, then I could struggle to move forward. 


The physical changes I experienced were losing weight, my doctor telling me I no longer needed thyroid medicine, increasing energy, experiencing less brain fog, and resting more. All of this is a direct result of Jennys direction, gentle push, guidance, and support Jenny shared with me. Her knowledge and experience are powerful, especially in a time where I felt out of control and powerless. She showed me that slowing down is the only way to move forward, especially in a society so addicted to pace, moving forward, and status. She helped me learn to simply be.

Nicole Charky

Going through Jenny’s program has been an incredible blessing for me. I learned about nutrition, meditation, and healthy habits, but most importantly I started on a journey to really get to know myself. I have a long way to go, but Jenny gave me the first step and the tools to use for a lifetime of self-love and health.

Susan Findley

I have never done anything like this before working with Jenny. I found the program to be accessible even though I am a newbie. Changes that I didn’t think I could ever make became possible through Jenny’s support. I gained clarity and calm, formed healthy habits with food and sleep, and connected with others in deeper ways. I am so grateful for the deep foundation that Henny helped me lay, and I look forward to continuing to build a healthy lifestyle.

Molly Gray

I have more time for God. I’m not losing my train of thought every 5 minutes. I am more present in conversations with loved ones. I am not comparing whatsoever with other people. I feel really content in my life and what I’m doing without feeling like I'm lesser than anyone else. I am engaged in my fitness routine again. I am spending WAY more time thinking of others… LIKE WAY MORE. I wake up thinking of ways I can be of service instead of wanting to be something I’m not.

Carmen Mills

Jenny! Thanks for being there to remind me that my health is a choice and it’s the only choice. We have control of how we see ourselves, what we feed our bodies, and how we care for our mental well being. Your compassionate approach to wellness is contagious and you only want the best for each of your clients. You are flexible, understanding, knowledgeable, and creative in your ways to help me feel results.

Shanna Gilbert

Before I started Jenny’s program I was eating out twice a day even though I knew it wasn’t healthy. As a result of working with Jenny, I started putting health and wellbeing at the top of my life of priorities. Before I knew it I was eating the way I’d always wanted to eat with a fully plant-based whole foods diet. By the end of the program I felt healthier and more balanced than I’ve felt in a long time. I highly recommend Jenny’s program to anyone who's ready to get serious about making their health a top priority.

Adam H.

Jenny’s program was very eye-opening for me in many ways and forms beyond just food. Throughout the program there were several mental and emotional breakthroughs that were hidden under food and habitual ways of being. Throughout the program setting strong intentions and following through despite being one of the busiest times of my life was so fulfilling. As promised, I also discovered a lot more about myself in terms of what’s holding me back under a lifestyle change, the excuses and self talk and new opportunities surfaced throughout the program.

Lindsey Trubia