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Are you feeling that midday crash around 3 p.m.? A lack of motivation, like you're in a big slump?


Feeling sluggish and fatigue sucks.


There's nothing like knowing what you need to do but not being able to act on it.


Depleted energy is a real thing.


And there's usually a culprit to this depleted energy. I would normally ask you a series of questions to find out exactly what those culprits were. In this writing- I'll explain to you some of the best tips to increase energy!


Number one. Take inventory of how much caffeine you're drinking. Our bodies cannot handle a lot of caffeine. Drinking two to three coffees a day will deplete your adrenals and ignoring your bodies signs is one of the worst things you can do. One cup of coffee or one caffeinated drink is good per day. For some, that can even be detrimental. Do not deplete your energy source by bandaging your fatigue with caffeine.


Number two. Practice yoga. Practice a grounding yoga sequence full of standing, balancing, twists, and forward Folds. These postures will energize and awaken the meridians in your body.


Number three. Reduce sugar. Substitute sugary items for fruits, veggie juices, and low glycemic vegetables. Keep blood sugar levels in a medium range. Every time we spike the blood sugar with high sugar content we have to continuously keep feeding that high blood sugar which makes us crave sweets throughout the day leading us to fatigue and low energy.


Number four. Practice Abhyanga. This oil treatment technique improves circulation in the body, cleanses spleen, helps with insomnia, and eases the mind. Nourishing your body with a medicated oil can bring wonders to your life.


Number 5. Take cordyceps. Cordyceps is the best mushroom to improve stamina, energy, cognitive functioning and endurance. Cordyceps could be one of the best mushrooms to take while gaining your energy back to a healthy state from adrenal burnout.


I love going over these energy production suggestions. A lot of my clients have issues with their energy. I would love to help you with stepping back into your vital energy source. It's there baby.


Please schedule a FREE evolve my life call HERE to get some feedback on your current challenges. Who knows? We might be a great fit to work together.





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