How and Why to Not Eat After 7 p.m.​

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One of the biggest things I see with my clients experiencing weight gain, fogginess, and disruptive sleep is due to eating and drinking late at night.


Most of my clients have great success when they focus more on the when and how they are eating vs. the what they are eating.


The problem with eating after 7 P.M. is your body focuses on digesting rather than sleeping! Then, your body doesn't get a real good night's rest and you wake up feeling groggy, heavy, and emotional.


After a week of training yourself to eat earlier it is quite easy to follow this new habit!


In Ayurveda we like to do one thing at a time in life.


When we sleep, we sleep.

When we eat, we eat.


So, if you have fallen into the pattern of eating late, feeling groggy when you wake and can’t lose those extra pounds then check out these 3 ways to eat earlier.


  1. Establish your new decision to eat earlier with your partner, family, and friends. It’s just a quick convo- “Hey guys!- I’m trying to take better care of myself and I need to eat earlier so I can burn my food off before bed and sleep better. Do you mind if we make dinner earlier? Or do you mind if I eat without you on my own?”
  2. Plan things to do from 7-10 pm. This is your time to dial in your self care and do things you love! Do things that replace your old eating time- Plan a spa night, perform an oil massage or a face mask, have a paint night, meditate, or read a spiritual book.
  3. Don’t get all sad about making this change! This is NOT RESTRICTING YOURSELF. This is an opportunity to connect with the divine! Everytime you say no or make a decision based on the betterment of your health, you are opening yourself up to allow more love and flexibility into your life! It’s a lifestyle change- enjoy your new way of living.


I truly believe that adapting these three ways can make so much change in your physical body, sleep, and mentality.


Soooo, If you’re like me, then you might need help accomplishing your health goals. I’ve been having some badass results with my current clients making small changes and being held accountable.


I have 3 spots open for my 1:1 Sustainable Health Coaching 3-Month program. I’m super excited to fill these spots because you deserve to feel good in your body and mind!


I’ve got the plan- you just follow my lead and get results.






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