Ayurvedic Cooking Series

Virtual Cooking Class Series


The 3 Class Series Schedule:

    1. Cleansing kitchari, saffron yogurt sauce, and cilantro chutney

    2. Ayurvedic curried salad rainbow wraps and dipping sauce

    3. Mung bean dosas, red lentil dal, and raw yogi chai cheesecake

Some of What you'll Learn: 

Delicious dishes and desserts that are free from gluten, dairy, sugar, and soy

How to become an Ayurvedic Chef 

Easy to make delicious, low-carb, plant-based recipes that are family-friendly

How to set up your Ayurvedic pantry

How to eat a modern Ayurvedic diet

How to use spices as medicine - learn the 6 dream team spices!

Learn how to cook for your specific dosha


I've been revamping my cooking style.

I'm decreasing grains and adding veggies!

I believe that this way of cooking can massively benefit your mind and body. 


Come get funky with me in this amazing cooking series! 


How it works: These classes are recordings of a live zoom cooking series.

You will receive the videos upon purchase. 

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