Earth Thrive

A 6-week herb and wild food crafting health transformation program.

Date to be announced


Join Jenny Griffith, Herbalist, Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, earth tender/gardener, and chef for an incredible journey with foods and herbs. 


Sick of the conventional and industrial health paradigm? 


It's time to get closer to what mother earth has to offer to feel lighter, happier, and more calm then ever.


Are you tired of consuming things from the conventional system? 

Is your health not flourishing from a grocery store diet?


You know that theres another level of consciousness within yourself when it comes to your consumption? 


Are you ready to cook with foods and herbs as medicine?


Are you ready to feel lighter, healthier, and more calm with a deeper knowledge about hot to use wild foods and herbs?


Are you ready for a total health transformation relying only on mother earth? 


Welcome to Earth Thrive...

Do you love cooking and you want to vitalize your health more than ever? Do you like the sound of dandelion muffins and chlorella lemonade? 


Well- this is going to be a 6-week culinary and transformational health experience. Not only will we dance through the realms of unique herbal and wild crafted cooking, but we will also truly learn and gain knowledge about the healing benefits of these medicines. 


This program is for people who are interested in cooking on an earth alignment level. We will study and practice seasonal living so we can know when, what, and why we eat and grow things when we do for optimal performance in all categories of life. 


Get ready to be transformed with these earth thrive practices. You deserve to feel and live more connected to mother gaia than you ever have. You deserve to feel lighter, vibrant, and glowing because you are injecting her medicine into your soul through these earth tending practices. 


I can't wait to lead you through this interactive experience that I've been working on for years. 


Cristina Schooler

Aligning with the Earth for a Prosperous and Connected Life

Ken Rosaasen

Empowerment Through

Sacred Sexuality

Cathryn Henning



and Farming

to Thrive

Justine Lemos PhD



The Vedic Way

Om Rishikesh

Ecology of the Heart

Lauren Urich

Sacred Self Care and

Subtle Body Hygiene 

Zain Saraswati

Jungle Woman Radiance

Richard G. Powell


Earth Based Activism

Laura Plumb


Ronnie Landis

Health Practices for Longevity 

What's Included

  • 6 Weekly 90-minute group calls

  • Private Facebook group to build community 

  • Herbal and wild food crafted recipe e-book

  • 1 Friday bonus call with guest speaker- Paulina Passion Flower

  • Video content and assignments each week

  • Earth Thrive health protocol to follow for the 6 weeks and the future to come 

  • Bonus gifts 


The physical changes I experienced: losing weight, my doctor telling me I no longer needed my thyroid medicine, increasing my energy and experiencing less brain fog and resting more- all of this was a direct result of the information and gentle push that Jenny gave. me.


Nicole Charky

LA Photo Journalist


I now have tons of recipes that nourish and heal, that make me feel better literally from the inside out. I have learned how to consciously up my daily ritual in every aspect of my life is in more in tune, grounded, and available for magic. 


Dessa Lennox

Herbalist and Massage Therapist

Going through Jenny's program has been an incredible blessing for me. I learned about nutrition, herbs, meditation, and earth tending. I started on a journey to really get to know myself. I have a long way to go still, but Jenny gave me the safety to take the first step and the tools to use for a lifetime of self-love and health. 

Molly Gray


About me and why I created this program...


Thanks for landing here. Something inside of you must be compelled to tap into your health in an earthly way. Well, I’m here for you and I’m ready. I’ve been studying Ayurveda, Yoga, Herbalism, earth tending, Mycology, and more for almost ten years and I feel aligned and compelled to share my gifts with you. 

In the past five years, I’ve been leading clients through health transformation programs, cheffing yoga retreats, private cheffing, leading cooking classes, and organic gardening classes. These modalities have taught me how to love myself, nurture myself, and listen to my mind and body in a way that I never knew existed. Most of all, they have connected me to the earth and helped me feel deep inner knowing that we are the same as a tree. I’m now determined to spread the knowledge and help people break through barriers they never thought they could.

I can't wait to guide you through the Earth Thrive total transformation program. It's going to be life changing! 





What you'll walk away with..

  • Confidence out in nature 
  • How to use wild foods and herbs in cooking
  • How to heal your body and mind through these medicines
  • A lightness in your body and psyche 
  • Reduced stress, anxiety, and depression
  • A glowing aura around your body
  • How to live seasonally with your consumption patterns
  • A deeper connection to mother earth then ever before

Module Layout:

Module 1:

The Earth Thrive Health System

Learn the basis and protocol of the Earth Thrive program so you can live in this way for the next 6-weeks.

Module 2:

Creating an Earthly Sanctuary

Create the lands ideal earthly sacred sanctuary so you can thrive and feel held in her abundance.

    Module 3:

    Seasonal Living

    Learn the ways of eating, consuming, and growing food with earths calendar. Live in alignment with the sun and the moon for optimal health! 

    Module 4:

    Herbs and Wild Food Cooking

    Enjoy cooking and creating

    unique and healthy recipes

    using herbs and

    wild foods. 

      Module 5:

      Foraging and Medicine Making

      Learn about weeds and other plain Jane herbs that grow right outside your door while understanding their healing benefits. 

      Module 6:

      Mushroom Lovin

      Enjoy learning about some of the top medicinal mushrooms. Together we will explore growing conditions, medicinal uses, and culinary uses. 


      The Schedule 

      • Monday, April 19th a video module will be sent to you
      • Thursday, April 22nd a live zoom call
      • Monday, April 26th a video module
      • Thursday, April 29th a live zoom call
      • Bonus Speaker- Paulina Passionflower- Date To Be Announced
      • Monday, May 3rd a video module
      • Thursday, May 6th a live zoom call
      • Monday, May 10th a video module
      • Thursday, May 13th a live zoom call
      • Monday, May 17th a video module
      • Thursday, May 20th a live zoom call
      • Tuesday, May 25th final live zoom call 90 minutes


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