How To Build Your Own Spiritual Practice (Sadhana)

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Adapted from Recovery 2.0


Since my journey began on the spiritual path I’ve followed LOTS of different routines to start the day off right. At the end of the day- what you do isn’t really THAT big of a deal- it’s the fact that you are at least doing something consistently everyday to clean your slate and set your intention to have a positive day no matter what comes in your way.


Step 1: Time

Choose a length of time that works in your schedule. Some people have 2 hours to devote to their Sadhana- some people have 10 minutes. Once you decide how much time you want to alot to your practice- then you can begin breaking down the time- like- 3 minutes of breathwork, 20 minutes yoga practice, etc…


Step 2: Elements

Choose 3-5 things that you want in your Sadhana. I like to recommend pranayam, physical movement, meditation, journaling, etc...


Step 3: Commitment

Make a commitment to do the practice for 40 days. Which is the length that many say it takes to establish a solid habit. This is the length of time to break a habit.


Here’s an example of a Sadhana routine if you need inspiration:


  • Alternate Nostril Breath- 5 minutes
  • Seated silent meditation focusing on the breath- 15 minutes
  • Yoga sequence- 20 minutes
  • Journaling- 5 minutes
  • Prayer


I hope this makes morning Sadhana easier!


I love helping people put a Sadhana together in congruence with nutrition. It is so potent when you follow a Sadhana for 40 days straight along with a great nutrition. As an Ayurvedic Wellness Coach, Yoga Instructor, and dedicated meditator- I am here for you!


You are not alone- sometimes you just need a little help!


If you're someone who is dealing with some health issues and you want to feel lighter, happier, and throw the towel on feeling like shit then let's talk!






P.S. This photo was taken up Cinnamon Butte in Oregon. I love that state. Frolicking in the greenery there is so healing.


Content adapted from Recovery 2.0 by Tommy Rosen

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